Parallel Processing Symposium

Algorithmia was proud to be invited to the Parallel Processing Symposium at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute of one of the most important universities in our Country.

At the symposium we conducted a short presentation on our experience designing and developing applications that leverage Video Cards as highly parallel coprocessors. Typical applications suitable for implementing on the Video Card include: image and media processing, signal processing, physics simulation, computational finance and computational biology.

GPGPU, named after “General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit”, is a new parallel programming paradigm that allows developers to speedup their algorithms dramatically. Heavily backed by NVIDIA, GPGPU (and CUDA in particular) is gaining momentum because of two reasons: first because of the incredible speedups it allows a developer to obtain when comparing a parallel algorithm to its sequential counterpart; second: because all it requires to work is inexpensive commodity hardware. In our experience we have developed several GPGPU applications, some of which achieved up to 80 times speedup, depending on the algorithm being implemented.

At Algorithmia we provide GPGPU development services on NVIDIA CUDA, the pioneer technology on this field, as well as on OpenCL, the Khronos Group maintained standard for general purpose programming on the GPU.

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