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MD2 Library now available at the App Store

Today we’re introducing a new Vortex 3D Engine powered App. MD2 Library, available in the Apple App Store, is a 3D model viewer that allows you to visualize and animate 3D models in the MD2 format. MD2 Library allows you

First Vortex-Engine powered App hits the App Store!

The First App powered by Vortex-Engine 1.0 has hit the App Store just today! We are very excited about having our customers rely on Algorithmia’s technology to provide the 3D visual capabilities at the core of their immersive App! According

Vortex-Engine powers iOS Project

Algorithmia has recently closed a contract for the development of a 3D application that targets iOS devices. Our customer has licensed our internal technology in order to help reduce costs and meet their goals. As exciting as targeting iOS devices