Cross-Platform Development

Why target just one platform, when you can provide your customers smart software solutions capable of being deployed on any or all of the most popular operating systems?

Apple LogoBy developing our applications using portable and open libraries, we provide the flexibility needed to fit our customized solutions into the current infrastructure of our customers, sparing them the installation, configuration and management tasks of an arbitrarily selected platform.

Over the years we have developed great expertise in the development of cross-platform software, developing software solutions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other variants of the UNIX operating system, providing our customers the ability to work on the software platform of their choice, without compromise and always powered by our software solutions.Linux Logo

When you develop an User Interface that looks the same on all platforms, you develop an application that looks alien on all of them.

Windows LogoAt Algorithmia, we have researched into the industry’s leading tool chains, trying to find the ideal codebase that allows us to deliver our applications on a wide variety of platforms while also mimicking the native look and feel of each target platform.

The final result is that our software solutions feel like just any other tool specially tailored for our customer’s platform of choice while, at the same time, enabling our applications to execute on all of the main platforms available today.