Our industry is currently undergoing a radical shift toward parallel processing and mobile computing. RealityFrontier, an affiliate of Algorithmia and its partners, was created as a direct response to our changing partners’ and customers’ needs in this new world.

Dedicated to delivering services and sales-enabling solutions in three converging fields of expertise: OSS platforms, connected systems and telepresence devices, RealityFrontier aims to build tools for product designers and R&D centers at the crossroad between telepresence, augmented reality and mobile robotics.

At Algorithmia, we provide know-how, technology and consultancy and development services for RealityFrontier, our first subsidiary in the United States.

Logo MyDeco

Mydeco is an UK based company that aggregates several home stores and provides an unique interface for customers to build the decoration of their dreams.

Algorithmia worked side-by-side with Mydeco’s team of experts and partners, empowering their backend systems, providing new services and enabling new possibilities for their customers.

Logo UruIT

UruIT is a well-established Uruguay based company that provides outsourcing services for projects all over the world, targeting the .NET platform. Algorithmia provided consultancy and development services on Open Source and Microsoft-alternative technologies for UruIT and has provided man power for assisting the development of desktop and web solutions.

Algorithmia also worked side-by-side with UruIT’s international partners in order to develop a robust robotics visualization solution for a very important European customer. Powered by strong OpenGL-based visualization capabilities, the solution would lay the foundation for the construction of a robust simulation environment.

Logo Celsius

Algorithmia has worked side by side with its partners to develop a clinic software solution for the diagnosis of blood deseases through image processing for Celsius Laboratories.

This product has been presented in an international medical summit in the U.S. with large success and has been submitted for approval to the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) in Uruguay

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