We provide Software development services based on our solutions. Our key key areas of expertise include Visualization, Hardware Acceleration (GPGPU), iOS development and native cross-platform development.

iPhone & iPad Development

Devices like the iPhone and the iPad are redefining the way people interact with technology, presenting great business opportunities but also big challenges. How do we develop applications suitable for embedded hardware? How do we leverage the embedded graphics capabilities?

iPad development services, by Algorithmia

At Algorithmia we have been working on these challenges since the introduction of the original iPhone and we have the answers that will help you take these devices to the next level.

Native & Portable App Development


Why target just one platform, when you can develop smart software solutions capable of being deployed on any of the most popular operating systems and platforms?

Over the years we have developed great expertise in the development of cross-platform software. Having developed software solutions that target Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone and even iPad, we can provide you solutions that adapt to your infrastructure instead of the other way round.

Visualization and Simulation


3D representation of data enable us to create worlds that visually depict the domain of the problem being studied and allow our users to manipulate virtual worlds, as well as the objects that live in them.

Visualization provides a very natural means to display information in an easy to understand manner. A typical visualization environment will present a large set of data to the user on her screen and allow her to interact with it, in order to easily explore large sets or simulate the behaviour of a system.

Hardware Acceleration


Parallel Programming by means of Hardware Acceleration using the GPU consists in developing algorithms suitable for performing computations over large sets of data simultaneously, thus providing a great speedup for an implementation when compared to a typical implementation on a CPU.

We can help you accelerate your applications through the power of GPGPU programming.